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Social Media Content Calendar: 365 Post Ideas For Your Business For Every Day

By Diana С.

365 ideas for your social media content calendar

When it comes to promoting your account on social media networks, there usually appear lots of questions. What to post? When? How often?… A great idea we can recommend is to develop a social media content calendar that will be your personal lighthouse in the ocean of your social media strategy.

Sounds complicated, right? It might be complicated in the beginning, however, once you’ve figured it out, you can rest assured it’ll pay that time back in the future. Here’s your guide in this challenging yet exciting world!

What is a social media calendar?

a picture previewing a calendar entrepreneurs create for social media

A social media calendar is a spreadsheet used to schedule social media posts in advance. In other words, it’s a timetable for planning what content to publish and when. So, it lets marketers create content in advance to post it later on particular dates instead of improvising.

Who can use a social media calendar?

Anyone creating social content – whether for a business, media company, or a serious blog – should consider using a calendar.

  • Marketing teams

Marketing campaigns often have a lot of moving parts, including social components. Keeping teams organized and making sure everyone involved in a project understands the social promotion schedule is key.

  • Ecommerce businesses

Staying organized with a calendar makes it much easier to save time and maintain consistency. This is important for small businesses, where resources are limited.

  • Influencers

If you have a social media account with thousands of followers, you have to find a way to keep them entertained and hooked to your channel constantly. That’s why a content calendar can help you stay productive and focused on your “work”.

Social media content calendar apps and tools

There are lots of different tools out there that can help you establish and effective content calendar, and we’ve decided to gather the most useful ones.

  • Google drive

Google Drive has several helpful features that make it easy for social media marketers to build out an effective content calendar.

You can also use shared Google Sheets to schedule posts on social media, track the status of different pieces of content, and assign tasks to team members — all on the same platform as their calendar.

With the help of Google Docs, users can keep comments all in one place and collaborate on different projects without emailing back-and-forth or having to schedule a meeting.

  • Trello

Trello cards can be assigned to different team members, marked with due dates, and commented on. Users can even customize labels with different publication statuses so the entire team can see the progress of their social media posts and when they’re due on the calendar. The labels could also indicate different social networks that content is being published on.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a built-in Planner tool to help you create campaigns, identify publishing gaps, and collaborate with your content creation team.

Its primary features are in social publishing so that you can release content to your networks in advance, but it also has rich features for collaboration and post approvals.

Once your content is created, you can preview it with the Composer tool, which displays according to each social network’s unique format.

Why take your time to create a social media content calendar?

a picture previewing one of the reasons why you need to create a social media calendar for your business

Depending on your and your brand’s necessities, your social media posting schedule can be simple or complex. If you’re still having doubts, we’ve prepared some key points on why social media calendar is so effective.

#1 Saves your time

Developing a social media calendar, you’re able to plan ahead, structure your work, avoid multitasking, and save your creativity for something more.

#2 Provides you with ready posts for every day

To be successful on social media, you need to always keep your subscribers curious to check and follow your account.

#3 Allows you to avoid spelling mistakes and typos

Since you’ve prepared your posts in advance, you can check them before publishing, hence no embarrassing errors!

#4 Encourages you to be more endeavoring with your social media strategies

Once you’ve started to create your social media calendar, great ideas can pop up in your head one by one, and it’s much easier to write them down.

#5 Prevents you from forgetting about relevant moments

A calendar is a calendar, and of course, you can use national, international holidays and other significant days as ideas for your posts.

#6 Lets you create and distribute high quality content

A social media posting calendar helps you allocate your human and digital assets effectively, and a long-term vision means you’re promoting content that supports your marketing goals.

#7 Helps you track your performance and improve it

Once you’ve published all the posts from your calendar, you can have a look at it and analyze what posts have been more interesting for your subscribers, and make a new calendar with these results in mind.

So, are you ready to create your personal social media content calendar? Here are some useful pro tips to help you to start:

  • Analyze your social media accounts and existing content
  • Choose social networks which work for you better
  • Create a content library
  • Establish a workflow
  • Create your posts
  • Schedule your posts.

If you’re still a bit confused about the social media calendar, but really want to start, we’ve prepared such a calendar with 365 ideas for daily posts!

365 ideas for your social media content calendar

Some of our ideas are related to holidays, or national days, some of the posts are about the business owner’s personality. In any case, you just need to add something about your niche to the post, and – voila! – it’s informative, entertaining, and talks about your brand. You can also mix these posts with the products from your store, and your selling content is ready.

Let’s have a look at an example: let’s say, the idea for the post is “Talk about your evening routine”. How can you connect it with your niche? Well, if you’re selling tableware, you can take a mug from your store, capture it in the photo, and talk about your evening routine – how you drink tea from your favorite mug from your store and watch TV with your beloved family! Easy, right?

We offer you to look through our 365 ideas for social media posts below.

Social media content calendar ideas for January

  1. New Year Day – create a post about this holiday celebration
  2. Ask your followers how they spent New Year
  3. Get handsy and post a photo with your product in your hand
  4. Record an unboxing video where you unpack some goods of your brand
  5. Make a screenshot of some piece of social proof you’d like to highlight (quote, review, comment about your business)
  6. Make a friendly selfie to let your followers know the person behind the brand
  7. Go behind the scenes and share what happens on the unseen side of your business
  8. Use a changeable letter sign and make a photo of fun/creative/inspirational note on the chalkboard
  9. Give your audience a sneak peek of what you’re working on
  10. Make a statement: take a photo of a t-shirt, coffee mug, or another item with a fun quote or saying on it
  11. Share an educational or informative article related to your niche topic or industry
  12. Answer a question you tend to get asked a lot
  13. Reveal what’s currently working well for your customers or your business
  14. Share an article, podcast, video, etc., with an expert talking about your industry
  15. Show an award or accolade you or your business has received
  16. Make or share a how-to video detailing the steps on how to do something very specific that appeals to your ideal customer
  17. Announce a live one-on-one coaching session you’ll give to one person who comments on this post
  18. Select one person from the comments to your previous post and coach them!
  19. Share a mistake you typically see your customers or competitors make
  20. Provide a tip on how to avoid the mistake from your previous post
  21. Share a fun fact about your industry or niche
  22. Post an infographic with helpful tips or information for your audience
  23. Share a tip that will help your audience be more efficient and save time
  24. Reveal a tip that will help your audience save money
  25. Share a super simple hack to a common problem your customer faces
  26. Discover a simple solution to solve a problem your audience experienced and share your solution
  27. Make a poll to test new ideas with your audience
  28. Ask your audience for direct feedback
  29. Encourage your followers to share their predictions about a trend within your industry or a current event
  30. ‘This or That’: give your audience 2 options and ask them to choose
  31. ‘Would You Rather…’: create a post asking your subscribers about something they prefer

Social media content calendar ideas for February

  1. ‘Ask Me Anything’: encourage people to ask you anything today
  2. ‘If You Could’:  ask your subscribers about something unreal/possible in the future/super power they dream of
  3. ‘What’s Your Favorite….’ – ask your audience about something they like
  4. Ask your followers to fill in the blanks in a phrase you provide
  5. Share a story of you hosting or attending a special event
  6. Share something new that’s happening within your industry.
  7. Write your thoughts on major news and events everyone is talking about or share an article with an interesting perspective
  8. Make a post with a trending viral video
  9. Post an inspirational quote that appeals to you personally
  10. Motivate and inspire your audience by sharing the story about how you started your business
  11. Share a recent win or success in your business.
  12. Tell a story about a recent disappointment or “failure” in your business and explain how you overcame it
  13. Ask your followers how they feel about St. Valentine’s Day
  14. St. Valentine’s Day – dedicate your post to this holiday
  15. Ask your audience how they spent the St. Valentine’s
  16. Share a story about a person you admire or find inspiring
  17. Spread joy and laughter with a funny meme, joke, or story
  18. Share a helpful tip with your audience on how you manage stress and balance work-life responsibilities
  19. Tell a fun fact about you (or your company history) that not everyone knows and allows your audience to get to know you better
  20. Share a photo or video of you engaging in one of your hobbies or favorite activities
  21. To be closer to your audience, share your family time photo
  22. Post cute kids or pets – everyone loves them!
  23. If you’re out and exploring your city, whether it’s in nature or an urban area, share it!
  24. Let your audience in on the book you’re currently reading or learning
  25. Tell your subscribes what you choose to do in your relaxation time
  26. Share something from your bucket list that you would love to do someday
  27. Tell about a challenge you’re currently facing in your business or personal life
  28. Show your favorite book related to your niche

Social media content calendar ideas for March

  1. Tell about your favorite podcast related to your niche
  2. Share your favorite YouTube channel related to your niche
  3. Recommend your favorite online course related to your niche
  4. Link to a tool/resource you can’t live without to do your job or run your business
  5. Share a product or service you love and your audience will benefit from
  6. Tell about your favorite influencer who inspires and motivates you
  7. Come up with an interesting fact about women
  8. International Women’s Day – dedicate this post to women
  9. Ask your followers how they feel about the women’s day
  10. Post a photo from some of your fan’s profile. They will be amazed! 🙂
  11. If you have a favorite charity or cause you support, share it with your audience and tell a story about why this initiative is important to you
  12. Feature a customer by sharing a video interview of how and why they became your client
  13. Interview an expert or influencer in your niche and share the video as a post
  14. #SundayFunday: share how you are spending your Sunday
  15. #MotivationMonday: share a motivational quote, story, or video and use the #MotivationMonday hashtag in your update
  16. #TuesdayVibes: post whatever you want and add this hashtag as it’s virtually universal!
  17. St. Patrick’s Day – create a post about this holiday
  18. #TBT (Throwback Thursday): use this hashtag (one of the oldest and most widely used daily ones!) to post an old photo (the older the better) and tell about that time in your life
  19. #FridayNight: show why your Friday night is so fun!
  20. International Day of Happiness – tell your audience why you’re happy/what makes you happy, and ask about them
  21. World’s Poetry Day – tell your audience how you feel about poetry, and ask for their opinion
  22. @Mention a Follower: if you have a follower who engages regularly with your content, give them a shout out using the @mention feature and thank them
  23. @Mention an Influencer: if there’s an influencer in your niche who you’d like to develop a relationship with, @mention them in a post and share something you’ve learned from them
  24. #WednesdayWisdom: share a little wisdom or practical advice with your audience using this hashtag
  25. Thank your followers for staying with you!
  26. Share your newest content: the latest blog post, podcast, or video
  27. #SaturdayMorning: give your audience a glimpse at how you’re spending your Saturday morning.
  28. Repurpose old content and dust off some old blog post (don’t forget to update the images and headline!)
  29. Share your most popular piece of content
  30. Show one of your new products or services
  31. Tell a story about your top-selling product or service

Social media content calendar ideas for April

  1. April Fool’s Day – create a funny and hilarious post for this day
  2. Ask your followers what makes them laugh
  3. Promote your newsletter by letting your audience know what’s so special about it and encourage your audience to subscribe
  4. Promote your other social profiles
  5. Easter – Create a post about this holiday
  6. Run a contest and encourage your audience to share your content with others or create a specific post on social media
  7. World’s health day – make a post about health or a healthy lifestyle
  8. Ask your followers whether they follow a healthy lifestyle or not
  9. Announce your tomorrow’s Follower-Only Flash Sale
  10. Run a 1-day flash sale ONLY for your social media followers
  11. Promote the launch of your new product or service
  12. International Day of Human Space Flight – create a special post about space flights
  13. Ask your followers about space flights: would they like to try them, etc.
  14. Whatever milestone you’ve hit, celebrate it on social media and share it with your audience
  15. If you have employees who help make your business great, tell the world about them!
  16. As your audience grows on social media, reintroduce yourself and your business
  17. Take a picture of your workspace
  18. Post something seasonal
  19. Share an attention-grabbing statistic
  20. Chinese Language Day – celebrate this day with a post about China
  21. Correct a common misconception that’s related to your industry
  22. International Mother Earth Day – share your love to Earth with your subscribers
  23. English Language Day – celebrate this day with a post about English culture
  24. Give a shout out to another local business or organization
  25. Invite people to join your mailing list
  26. Ask your audience what their biggest struggle in business is
  27. Give away a coupon code
  28. Make a live video
  29. Share how to create & write down your goals
  30. International Jazz Day – create a post about jazz

Social media content calendar ideas for May

  1. Challenge your audience to post every day for 30 days and give them a free Social Media calendar
  2. Explain why you decided to join the business
  3. Talk about your products and how they help people
  4. Share someone else’s inspiring story
  5. Create a challenge related to your niche
  6. Share a quote (graphics) and ask your audience what they think about it
  7. Ask followers what you should post next
  8. Challenge your audience to share their 3 goals and achieve at least one of them in a week
  9. Ask your audience to share their favorite quote
  10. Create a 5-day mini-course about a specific topic in your niche
  11. Welcome new followers and thank them for joining your group or page
  12. Ask for recommendations
  13. Create a VIP list with an exclusive discount coupon and choose 1 random follower each week to send them the link to this VIP list
  14. Create a poll
  15. International Day of Families – create a post devoted to your family
  16. Talk about your morning routine
  17. Explain how you prepare for the day or week
  18. Share all the things you do daily
  19. Share your top favorite apps that help you get organized
  20. World Bee Day – create a post about bees
  21. International Tea Day – make a post about tea
  22. Talk about the tools that help you create content
  23. Share your vision board
  24. Talk about what you stand for, your morals
  25. Share which trip you are planning next
  26. Talk about your favorite destinations
  27. Share why you started working in the online business
  28. Create a “Letter to my younger self”
  29. Post a video on how you use your products
  30. Share someone else’s blog post and explain what you learned from it
  31. Talk about your favorite things to do

Social media content calendar ideas for June

  1. Share 5 things about yourself
  2. Create a “Guess the right answer” post
  3. World Bicycle Day – make a post about bicycles
  4. World Environment Day – create a post about your ways to care about the environment
  5. Talk about the events that you’ll be hosting
  6. Russian Language Day – create a post about Russian culture
  7. Ask your followers how they found you
  8. World Oceans Day – make a post about the oceans
  9. Share fun facts about you
  10. Create a day in the life post
  11. Recommend someone else your audience should follow
  12. Post a photo and ask your followers to create a title for it
  13. Offer a tip
  14. World Blood Donor Day – tell your subscribers about blood donors
  15. Post a throwback
  16. Celebrate your birthday
  17. Ask for advice
  18. Collaborate with a brand
  19. Team up with a friend
  20. Share your latest blog post
  21. International Day of Yoga – make a post about yoga
  22. Share a holiday post
  23. Create a flat lay featuring printed photos
  24. Talk about your evening routine
  25. Share your latest shopping haul
  26. Post an outfit
  27. Share a product you love
  28. Take a photo at your favorite local work spot
  29. International Day of the Tropics – celebrate this day with your audience
  30. International Asteroid Day – tell your audience an interesting fact about asteroids

Social media content calendar ideas for July

  1. Offer productivity tips
  2. Talk about what you did on the weekend
  3. Ask followers how they spend their time off
  4. USA independence day – create a post about this holiday
  5. Ask your audience how they spent the independence day
  6. Ask your followers about the country they are from
  7. Celebrate your blogging anniversary
  8. Announce a new business or achievement
  9. Share what you’re listening to
  10. Talk about shows you’re watching
  11. Make a post about video games you’re playing
  12. Post a collection of photos
  13. Share your goals for the month
  14. Set larger goals for the year
  15. Ask your audience what they want to see more of
  16. ‘Before and After’: write a short story about your brand at the beginning and its current state
  17. Share a mantra or affirmations you say to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals with your audience!
  18. Show your morning ritual or helpful nightly routine to help you stay energized, focused, healthy, or positive
  19. Talk about guilty pleasures and share your favorite one
  20. Express your gratitude to anyone (customer, mentor, employee).
  21. Share a testimonial, quote, case study or video from a satisfied customer
  22. Give away some of your stuff you don’t need anymore (in good condition!) to your subscribers
  23. Share your competitive advantage and why you think someone should choose you over your competitors
  24. Celebrate a national holiday from your heritage
  25. Talk about your cultural background
  26. Share a memory from your childhood
  27. Talk about a defining moment in your life
  28. Post a photo with your significant other
  29. Post a photo of a newly renovated or decorated space
  30. International Day of Friendship – make a post about your friends
  31. Ask your audience about their friends

Social media content calendar ideas for August

  1. Celebrate the start of a new month
  2. Share a photo of a project you’re starting
  3. Give progress teasers for the above
  4. Post a top down photo
  5. Take a photo of seasonal decor you’re now using
  6. Show what’s in your bag 🙂
  7. Share a discount
  8. International Cat Day – make a post with cats: everyone loves them!
  9. Visit a garden and show the journey
  10. Share a new experience you had
  11. Visualize an interesting stat
  12. International Youth Day – create a post for a younger audience
  13. Share a thematic flat lay photo (food, tools, etc.)
  14. Post a photo with white frames (there’s a special Instagram feature for that)
  15. Capture the sunrise
  16. Share a challenge you’ve overcome
  17. Tell about time management tips that work for you
  18. Be open about some bad habits you’ve broken
  19. Share changes you’ve made in your business
  20. Talk about a current event
  21. Share a special offer
  22. Show a ‘Before and After’ of your workplace
  23. Share a real life moment
  24. Create a grid layout
  25. Share something you recently indulged in
  26. Make a flat lay photo of your office tools
  27. Create a meme based on your industry niche or your audience preferences
  28. Share a beautiful travel photo
  29. Show a photo with your current point of view
  30. Share an image of a famous spot in your city
  31. Post a photo of you at work

Social media content calendar ideas for September

  1. Celebrate the beginning of the new season
  2. Share a photo to make your followers laugh
  3. Create a collage
  4. Talk about an event that changed your life
  5. International Day of Charity – write about charity and its importance
  6. Ask your audience what they donate money (or other stuff) for
  7. Challenge your followers to do something
  8. Share your products collection or set
  9. Create a nature flat lay
  10. Tell a story
  11. Remember the story of why you started your business
  12. Share an opinion
  13. Post a photo from a recent event you attended
  14. Share another platform your followers can find you on
  15. Make an update on your recent activities
  16. Feature an employee, friend, or family member
  17. Post something inspirational
  18. Unveil a new product
  19. Share a photo of fun in the sun!
  20. Start an Instagram post series
  21. Share a blooper or IG photo fail
  22. Make a picture of beautiful lights
  23. Create a photo challenge: jump for joy
  24. Snap the point of view of what you’re doing right now
  25. Share ‘A Day In The Life’ photo collection
  26. Post photos from a local event
  27. World Tourism Day – create a post about tourism
  28. Post a photo you can describe using just emojis
  29. Feature a local start up
  30. International Translation Day – make a post about a world without translators

Social media content calendar ideas for October

  1. World Vegetarian Day – remind your followers about this day
  2. Ask your audience a question about vegetarianism
  3. Share what you put in your suitcase for an upcoming trip
  4. Show what’s on your coffee table
  5. World Teachers’ Day – say some warm words to your teachers
  6. Ask your followers about their favorite teachers
  7. Share a handwritten message
  8. Create a tutorial for multiple ways to do the same thing
  9. Share the view from your office
  10. Talk about a situation that inspired you
  11. Share something about your community
  12. Open up about your greatest fear
  13. Talk about a hobby you have
  14. Share a list of fun facts about yourself or your business
  15. Encourage followers to pay it forward and give an example of how you did this week
  16. World Food Day – celebrate this day with a picture of yummy food
  17. Share teasers for something to come
  18. Create an image to promote a blog post
  19. Talk about something you’ve struggled with
  20. Share what’s on your computer screen and be sure to tag brands!
  21. Talk about what your days off look like
  22. Offer a discount
  23. Advertise an affiliate program
  24. Introduce the business owners
  25. Talk about your items’ production and manufacturing
  26. Tell how you got into this business
  27. Announce your Halloween season sale
  28. Ask your subscribers if they celebrate Halloween
  29. Create a Halloween challenge
  30. Share your Halloween costume
  31. Halloween – make a thematic post

Social media content calendar ideas for November

  1. National Author’s Day – interview local authors and share local author’s day events
  2. Post Daylight Saving Time reminders & preparation tips
  3. Share your tricks to get motivated to work
  4. Ask about (or share!) life lessons to learn before you’re 30
  5. Native American Heritage Month – talk about Native American settlements and landmarks near you
  6. Ask what your followers do to stop wasting their time
  7. Discuss how to calm down after a long day
  8. Share how you found your purpose in life
  9. Give some tips on how to set realistic goals
  10. Veteran’s Day – share ways to support local veterans
  11. Share personal changes you’ve made and how you’ve grown
  12. Ask for the followers’ advice on how to get more done in less time
  13. Talk about your logo
  14. Feature the tools you’re using to keep your business going
  15. Share best places to visit in the fall
  16. Reveal some habits of famous successful people
  17. Share proven tips for staying positive
  18. Post a photo of your Thanksgiving feast
  19. Thanksgiving day – make a post about this holiday
  20. World Children’s Day – make a post dedicated to children
  21. World Television Day – discuss how television changed our lives
  22. Post an image of your Black Friday haul
  23. Share Black Friday specials you’re shopping for
  24. Announce special offers for your Black Friday
  25. Show the results of Black Friday
  26. Make a fall checklist for home or car maintenance
  27. Talk about globally known entrepreneurs who inspire you
  28. Share your proven ways to take control of some issue
  29. Make a list of alphabetical advice
  30. Write a short autobiography

Social media content calendar ideas for December

  1. Make a list of easy goals to accomplish before the end of the year
  2. Feature a guest post
  3. Share 10 links that you love
  4. “Wordless Wednesday’: post pictures without captions!
  5. Create a pros and cons list related to your niche
  6. Make a must-have list for your niche
  7. Create a checklist for a specific task
  8. Share the worst advice you ever received
  9. Explain how NOT to do something
  10. National Day of Animal Rights – share your ideas about how to treat animals
  11. International Mountain Day – create a post about mountains and nature
  12. Show your most popular blog post this year
  13. List your favorite things about December
  14. Share how you survive long car trips or flights
  15. Give ideas for last minute stocking stuffers
  16. Share tips for buying gifts for people who are hard to buy for
  17. Give holiday shopping tips for the busy season
  18. Arabic Language Day – make a post about Arabic culture
  19. Show how you style a Christmas tree
  20. Publish a DIY guide for holiday crafting
  21. Review your most popular product
  22. Host a Christmas giveaway!
  23. Create a gift guide
  24. Christmas – make a post about this holiday
  25. Boxing Day – create a post about the gifts you’ve received and gave
  26. Share a recap of your holiday festivities
  27. Write about the things you learned this year
  28. Share a before and after: it’s high time for your brand to share another post about changes
  29. Make New Year’s plans and resolutions and ask the followers to share theirs, too
  30. Share an image of the bottle you’ll be popping this new year
  31. New Year’s Eve – celebrate the beginning of the New Year with your followers.

As you can see, there are hundreds of ideas for your social media content calendar. Just connect any post with your niche or industry and watch your audience growing! We welcome you to use our ideas as a draft and inspiration, and wish you an enjoyable social media experience! And should you ever need any assistance with your social media management, we’re excited to make individual catchy posts for you!

By Diana С.
Diana is a seasoned Internet Marketing Specialist who loves to explore new selling techniques, help customers promote their stores, and share all that experience with you!
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