Terms of Use Free Turnkey Store

Alidropship LLC may offer new subscription plans and may change them and their features from time to time. If you sign up for a subscription plan, you agree to the terms, conditions and limitations associated with them that are published on aliexpress-na-russkom.ru.


1. Sellvia Pro Subscription with a Free Turnkey Store

Description of the service

The Pro subscription provides access to a customer’s account where you can manage your subscription and monitor your orders and also provides you with a free turnkey store with unlimited access to thousands of products available for import free of charge. The plugin installed in a free turnkey store helps you place your orders at the Alidropship Fulfillment Center that will organize their swift delivery to your customers worldwide.

A free turnkey store included into the Pro subscription is a WordPress site with a Bestseller Products plugin and free hosting service that is provided by the Pro subscription.

The store and its hosting are provided for free as part of the offer as long as you have the Pro subscription active on your site. The free trial does not cover any additional paid services you can order when filling in the survey or during the free trial. You can only have one free turnkey store connected to the customer’s Pro subscription account.

The free turnkey store creation includes:

  • Free domain name* (unless a premium domain is selected in the survey or the customer wishes to use their own domain)
  • Free hosting
  • One branded email address (support@your.domain)
  • Theme customization (banners, categories, menus)
  • Access to the Product Catalog to import products with reviews into the store
  • 50 random products uploaded into your store by default
  • Site notifications setup
  • Basic SEO metadata

When filling in the survey for the free store, you can also add some additional paid services, which are not part of the trial and will be charged immediately after submitting the survey.  The additional services may include:

  • Paid theme installation
  • Premium domain
  • Product Catalog Upgrade service (importing additional products into your store)
  • Social Media Package service (creating social network pages for your store and providing the content to post on them for an agreed period of time)
  • Promo Tools Service (installing add-ons that help to increase conversion rate on your site)
  • Other services offered in the survey or at aliexpress-na-russkom.ru/services

The free turnkey store creation does not include:

  • Payment gateways setup
  • Traffic report setup
  • Social pages creation
  • Social media advertising setup

These tasks can be done by the customer with the support guidance. Social pages creation can be ordered as a paid service.


Fee: $39 per month

Free Trial: 14 days (since the store access details are provided)

Free hosting

The free hosting meets all the needs of the site but has limited management options. The tasks that require access to the hosting settings are done via third-party plugins or by contacting support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru. If your site requires more space than the free hosting provides by default, you can contact support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru to purchase additional space.

The store and its hosting are provided for free as part of the offer, as long as you have the Pro subscription active on your site.

If the Pro subscription is not renewed for longer than a week since the day of the due payment, your site data may be irreversibly deleted.

*Free Domain

The domain for the free turnkey store is provided free of charge, but without transferring the domain in full ownership. After the domain expires, the prolongation of the domain is a customer’s responsibility. Once the domain expires, Alidropship will send you an invoice that allows you to renew the domain. We guarantee that the domain will not expire for at least three months since the completion of the survey.

The free site can also be built on a customer’s own domain. To do that, a customer should reach out to support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru after the survey is completed (and a random free domain is selected).  The support will instruct the customer on the changes necessary to change the domain to the one the customer owns.

Signing up

In order to subscribe, you need to provide your email and credit card details on the checkout page.

By providing these details and signing up, you agree to the present terms, confirm that you are aware that the Pro subscription is a recurrent payment that will continue automatically and authorize the Pro subscription monthly fee to be collected after the end of the trial from the card that you provided when signing up unless you notify us before the charge is made that you would like to cancel the subscription or unless you cancel your subscription yourself in your customer’s account.


The free trial starts on the day when the store access details are granted to a subscriber in an email. The store is built immediately after we get the survey with your preferences indicated. Please note that if you prefer to use your own domain, the process will take 1-2 business days after you point your domain to our servers. If you have any questions concerning your access details or booking your free training session with our consultant, please contact support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru.

Renewal of the Subscription

After the end of the free trial period, the subscription monthly payment is charged automatically without additional notification or authorization from the card that you provided when subscribing. The subscriber takes the responsibility to have sufficient funds on the card necessary to renew the subscription by the payment due date.


You can cancel your Pro subscription plan at any time. Cancellation means that your subscription stays active till the end of the paid period, but will not be renewed after it is over. Cancelling during the trial will cancel your Pro subscription account immediately. To cancel the Pro subscription, you can either click the “Cancel” link in your Pro subscription account in the ‘Stores’ section and confirm the cancellation or contact the support at support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru with the cancellation request. If you cancel the subscription through the customer support, please make sure you have received the confirmation of the cancellation from a support representative.

Since the Free Turnkey Store is part of the subscription, it is also canceled when you cancel the Pro subscription.


Alidropship provides a full 100% refund of the latest Pro subscription payment within 30 days of the date of the payment only at the customer’s request sent to support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru. Only the current period payment is liable for refund. We do not offer refunds for previous monthly payments. If there was a cancellation request, but there was no refund request, by default, cancelling your subscription during the paid period means that the subscription stays active till the end of the paid period, and a refund is not provided.

Any additional services and the services ordered when subscribing to the Free Turnkey store are non-refundable once they have been provided to the customer.

Termination of Service

In case the subscription has not been paid on a due date, it becomes inactive immediately, and a customer loses access to their free turnkey store and Pro subscription account. The store can be recovered by renewing the subscription and reaching out to support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru within 7 days since the payment due date. After 7 days, Alidropship deactivates its free hosting and deletes the Free Turnkey Store that is part of the Pro subscription. The deleted Free Turnkey Store cannot be recovered.


2. The High-Ticket Products

Description of the Service

The service includes importing a set of high-ticket products(products with a significant profit margin) into a customer’s Pro Subscription free Turnkey store, and providing fulfillment of orders (requires the active Pro subscription).

As a free bonus, a set of selected high-ticket products can also be imported to a customer’s Amazon seller account.

The service includes:

  • Importing 200, 500 or 1000 high-ticket products with quality product descriptions and images into the customer’s Pro Subscription free Turnkey store
  • Pro Subscription (3, 6 or 12 months of free Pro subscription depending on the plan)

Requirements for the service

The service requires an active Pro subscription to manage products and process orders.

It can only be provided for a Pro Subscription free Turnkey store – if a customer does not have one, Alidropship can provide a free store for the customer.

To provide a free bonus of uploading products to Amazon, the service requires an active verified Amazon account for the United States market with a Professional Selling plan ($39.99/month).

Cost and Delivery

Silver package
Cost: $290

Delivery: 5 business days.

Gold package
Cost: $490
Delivery 6 business days.

Platinum package
Cost: $890
Delivery 7 business days.

Please note that the delivery time does not include uploading of products to your Amazon account as part of the Platinum package, as this is a complimentary bonus.

The Main Stages of the Service


When you purchase the Service, you will receive an email with a link to a roadmap that will have the steps of the service. Some steps will require your actions (i.e. creating your Free Turnkey store if you did not have one, creating an Amazon account).

Uploading High-ticket Products into your Free Turnkey store

If you have a Pro subscription with a Free turnkey store registered with the email address that you used to purchase High-Ticket products, the High-ticket products will be uploaded to that store by default.  Please let us know if you wish to upload to a different store by reaching out to support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru.

Free bonus: uploading to an Amazon account

All the plans include the guide that will describe steps necessary to create an Amazon account and upload the product feed. Please follow the guide if you have never had an Amazon Seler account before. If you already have a seller account with Amazon, PLEASE USE YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT and DO NOT CREATE A NEW AMAZON ACCOUNT.

Please note that uploading product feed is only available for Amazon seller accounts with Professional plan ($39.99/mo).  Once the products are uploaded, you can consider downgrading to a free Individual plan.

The Silver and Gold plans provide the detailed guide with which you will be able to upload the sets of 50 (Silver) or 75 (Gold) products to your Amazon account yourself. If you have any difficulties during the upload, please reach out to support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru.

The Platinum package suggests that the Alidropship Team will upload a set of 100 high-ticket products if you decide that you would like to use the bonus option. Then, once you have created an Amazon seller account and added the Amazon store name to our Roadmap, your manager, or a support agent will reach out to you with instructions on how to grant access. Once the access and all necessary permissions have been granted, Alidropship will upload products to your Amazon account.

Please note that Alidropship is not to be held responsible for the results of the verification process on Amazon. Alidropship shall not be liable for your Amazon account suspension, except for cases related to products uploaded by Alidropship.

Cancellations and Refunds

Once high-ticket products are uploaded to your website, the service is not liable for a refund.

The service can only be refunded before the products are uploaded to the website.

To request a refund, you should contact support@aliexpress-na-russkom.ru. The service is considered canceled once you receive a written cancellation confirmation from an Alidropship support representative.